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AVTRIP is the industry’s most convenient, most valuable loyalty rewards program.

Enroll for free and start collecting AVTRIP Points on fuel purchases at Fort Wayne Aero Center and over 500 locations in North America and Europe.

AVTRIP Points accumulate toward cash awards – awards that are yours to spend or save however you like - $25 for every 5,000 points.

Awards arrive automatically in your mailbox: no complicated account management or redemption process required.  

Even better? AVTRIP is the ONLY rewards program that helps members reach awards faster by awarding FREE points. That’s right – your AVTRIP Point balance is accelerating toward your next award even when you’re not buying fuel. AVTRIP Points in your account will increase at an annual rate of 8%, 10% or 12% compounded quarterly.

Click here to enroll and start accelerating toward your first AVTRIP award today!

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